Is 5linx (5links) a scam or is 5linx an opportunity


5linx like many other Network marketing or direct sales companies in our industry are often misunderstood and are often considered to be scams. First the name of the company is 5linx not 5links. Is 5linx a scam? First lets define a scam. A scam is a dishonest attempt to persuade you into parting with your money. Unfortunately, we have all experienced being scammed in one way or another and we all know how it feels. 5LINX is not a scam. All that it boasts and presents is very attainable! It has a current A+ rating in the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has been in Inc.500 four years consecutively from 2006 to 2009 it displayed over 800% growth. It started in 2001 and it has survived the 5 year mark of business success getting failure out of the way. I said this to say some people are making money and staying involved. Like all businesses, you must clock in to get started. If you want information on the true opportunity go to to find the complete information on 5LINX the business opportunity.

Dont consider 5linx or any other multi level marketing company as a scam .Network marketing or direct sales we all do some form of it often; however, some of us get paid to do it and some dont. Thats the scam. Not getting paid for doing a thing. Direct selling is selling by word of mouth. For example: when you see a good movie and you tell your friends about the movie, which makes them, go and see it, you have done direct selling. Direct sales industry is misunderstood as a scam because it is still associated with a pyramid scheme which is a scam. This association is false because pyramids are a scam as they pay money out (bonus & commissions) without having a true product or service to market (ex. Cash gifting, ponzi schemes). This is one of the most traditional methods of selling that is still used today because it works! Many companies today start business this way and some remain, for example: Mary Kay, Avon, Kirby, Electrolux & Clearwire are just a few. The existence of these power house companies support the fact that directs sales works! It has been around since the existence of selling and the proven effectiveness of this method of sales provokes companies today to adopt this method. People misunderstand direct sales based on the lack of knowledge about the industry. Direct sales and real-estate has created the most self made millionaires. This industry has been edified by some of the most successful people in the business. Former President Bill Clinton, Donald Trump and Robert Kysoki realize that direct sales can help ordinary people get extra ordinary results. Furthermore, they understand that there are no barriers such as education, economic status and social status or prerequisite which can prevent one from being successful. All thats required is for one is to be teachable, coachable, ambitious, and willing to take action and you can excel in the 5linx business.

Tuscan Marketing The Success Story

Tuscan Marketing

The story of The Tuscan Organisation began with the incorporation of the very first company, Tuscan Marketing Ltd, in May 1993, and since that time the organisation has experienced incredible growth. Today the organisation comprises of more than 70 marketing companies across the UK, Ireland, Continental Europe and Australasia representing some of the biggest brands in the world.

Year on year the list of clients that we are working with continues to grow at an impressive pace, allowing us to diversify into many new and exciting areas of the global market. Traditionally our focus has been on the telecommunication, financial service, utility, charity and insurance sectors but of course we are constantly researching new products and markets to continue our expansion.

Starting A Unique Franchise Business

Statistically, franchises are much more likely to succeed than all other types of small business start ups. They come fully equipped with a tried and true method for succeeding in their market place and already have strong brand recognition. They also have contracts with suppliers and a full supply chain already set up and in place. In addition to this, new franchises will often receive extensive training in all aspects of the business.

If youre thinking about starting a small business, you might want to start a franchise. A franchise can easily get you started off on the right foot. Less than half of all small businesses fail in the first year, so why not raise those odds by franchising?

One unique franchise you can take advantage of is in the asphalt pothole repair business. Why start up yet another Subway or Wendy’s when you can do something interesting. If you want to serve fries and make sandwiches all day, they by all means start a fast food franchise. However, if you want to actively pursue customers and work with new cutting edge technology, then you might want to consider starting a franchise business with Dr Pot hole.

Advertising Career Overview

Students with degrees in advertising will find a competitive job market. Competition for jobs in advertising is tough because this industry customarily attracts more jobseekers than there are job openings. The draw towards this industry is the multimillion-dollar campaigns, and the glamour surrounding the promotion of products and the clients it represents. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics ( ), non-supervisory workers in advertising and public relations services made $633 a week on average in 2004. Companies in the advertising and public relations industry arrange advertisements for other companies and organizations and propose campaigns to encourage the interests and image of their clients. This industry also includes media representatives, radio, television, and the Internet. It also includes display ads, direct mail, billboards and other tangible media. The demand for educated advertising professionals is on the rise as technological advances give advertisers more options for the media on which they advertise.

You can earn an advertising degree at public and private colleges and universities, as well dedicated technical schools that offer career specific programs. Specialty schools often offer two-year degree or certificate programs in advertising. Traditional four-year college and university programs offer advertising programs within other majors such as communications, business or art programs. Most people starting out in an advertising career will be required to hold a bachelor’s degree with a liberal arts background. Bachelor’s degrees are not required for entry-level positions in the creative department. Assistant art directors, for example usually need at least a 2-year degree from an art or design school. Although assistant copywriters do not need a degree, obtaining one helps to develop the superior communication skills and abilities required for this job. Entry-level positions in the industry include account management, media coordinator, or market research. Internships, in conjunction with your education, will help you get a job when you graduate. Completion of an internship is often a necessary requirement for many advertising firms. In addition to an internship, course work in marketing, design, statistics and accounting can help get you ready for employment in this field.

Key Business Objectives Behind Using Promotional Gifts

It is known to all that no businesses these days can do without promotional gifts. Whatever be the size of the organisation, promotional gifts is a must that needs to be employed. In this age of cut throat competition and rat race, if you want to stay and survive in the corporate scenario and aim at achieving your business aspirations, make use of promotional gifts. Use of promotional gifts has several business objectives.

Promotional gifts are distributed to clients and customers at any occasions or events or at store visits. The recipients of the gifts are very happy getting promotional gifts free without any obligation attached to it. However, the gifting gesture on the part of the companies has some objectives in mind which are popularly known as business strategies and objectives. Promotional gifts carry the business logo, company or brand name embellished on the products. As the promotional gifts are handed over to the customers and prospective clients, the brand message gets disseminated. Promotional gifts are gifted with the aim of building brand awareness, increasing brand popularity and sales. In todays age, branding is one of the key aspects of business growth. People these days are more inclined towards branded goods and services. Once your brand name and fame gets established in the corporate scenario, there is no looking back. This brand publicity is best done by promotional gifts.

Compared to the conventional modes of advertising like television or media ads and direct mail, promotional gifts have a much deeper and larger impact on customers and potential clients. Promotional gifts act as direct company representatives and the prospects also easily get convinced by the promotional gifts. Useful and practical promotional gifts are great advertising agents and with regular usage the brand name and the logo is noticed and remembered on a regular basis. The goals behind using promotional gifts are to offer a greater exposure and visibility to the brand. Only brand popularity and creating awareness cannot take a business to achieve its mission. Customer and client loyalty and establishing a strong customer-vendor relationship is a precondition to climb higher ladder of success in business. Promotional gifts are proficient in pleasing customers and motivating clients towards the brand.

Small Business Coaching Undermining Your Credibility With This

A business owner recently sent me an email inviting me to partner with him on one of his projects. I get a few requests like that a month. The venture seemed like a good one as I read his description.

I was about to have my assistant follow up until I hit this credibility-undermining flaw and guess what my response was? I was no longer interested. But I wondered if this poor guy even knew that he was undermining his own credibility. Unfortunately, too many business owners make this mistake. And you can correct it in literally 5 minutes for less than $10.

What’s the mistake you ask?

Search Engine Marketing Services for Business Owners

Search Engine Marketing Services for Local Business Owners

If you are a business owner and have never heard of a website, internet marketing, search engine marketing, SEO, or mobile marketing and advertising-then it is time to inform yourself for the sake and possible survival of your business.

Online marketing and online advertising, local internet marketing, SEO, social media marketing, PPC marketing and PPC advertising, search engine marketing , mobile advertising and mobile marketing,online reputation and brand awareness;are all very broad topics when it comes to marketing and advertising of any business. One of the most important marketing and advertising medium for any business owner is internet marketing and search engine marketing. Moreover, internet marketing, internet advertising , search engine marketing , and search engine advertising allow business owners and website owners to integrate with existing direct marketing and direct advertising campaigns.

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